Services and  Pricing

Our pricing structure is easy and consistent for our guests. We want it to be tailored to each guest’s needs & goals, your investment is based on the time it takes to provide your service.


This allows the stylist or artist, to really consult from a place of expertise and truly focus on the craft and deliver exactly what you need and want. 


As always before any color service with us, you will be provided an estimate on your hair investment before we even start your service so there will never be surprises and that you can relax and enjoy your time.


 All color and cut services come with a consultation, shampoo and scalp massage, product and home care recommendations.

We work off a "level" system which is based off tenure at the company and experience this also offers you our guest different prices based on budget.  Our entire team goes participates in advanced training and our Level 1 stylist are usually newer to Midtown and as they build their clientele and education they will advance to Level 2 and up.

A COVID-19 Wellness & Sanitation fee of $3.75 will be added to your service ticket at this time for extra measures in safety, our number one priority for you and our team. 


We specialize in hair of all lengths.  Our #1 priority is the health of your hair and scalp and we want you to leave the salon feeling refreshed.  Price varies on time needed to deliver you the results you want and need. These time allotments include your style time.


30 Minute Short Haircut & Style : $27-45

45 Minute Haircut & Style:  $40-70

60 Minute Haircut & Style:  $53-90

75 Minute Haircut & Style :  $65-110

30 Minute Short Haircut:  Men's Cut or Womens Pixie Cut  (minimal styling) 

45 Minute Haircut: Women's regular follow up cut/trim or men's new style 1st time visiting 

60 Minute Haircut: Perfect for a new women's cut appointment or for the guest looking for a new look, or someone with very thick hair.

75 Minute Haircut:  Going dramatic? Have soooo much hair? This is for you.

Coloring/Highlights/Balayage/Custom Foil Work

Price determined by length of time & what is being achieved-


1hr-1hr 30

This is a single process. Roots to ends. This may be for you if you are looking to refine your already naturally dark hair, want to completely cover previously lightened hair, and or cover up those greys. 

Partial Highlight

1hr 30min-2hr

Highlights are a great look if your looking for an overall look of brightness, don't like to see roots, need to blend your greys but don't want to cover them, or like the look of babylights. 6-8 weeks recommended in a touch up application.

Full Highlight

2hr-2 1/2 hr

Balayage / Foilayage / Custom Foil Work / Blonding


Balayage, Foilayage, and some types of Foil Work is a creative Design.  These services are priced on timing.  We always recommend  using a Bond Builder/treatment  with these services  On average, these services will take anywhere between 2-4 hours depending how the state of your hair is in prior, length & thickness.

*Balayage is a low maintenance, lived in color. This is the perfect service for you if you like a rooted or more natural look

Glaze or Toner


*A glaze in between your highlight or Balayage service is key! This will allow to cut unwanted warmth, tone down sun bleached highlights, and or have a nice refreshed color to make you feel new again while adding shine.  Glazes do not lighten the hair. They simply refine what is already there.

Corrective Color

$75-120 per hour

prices estimated upon consultation and level of provider