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Hey there,

I'm Erin

We live in a world where we are constantly on the go. There’s noise all around us from our homes and families to our jobs and phones-it feels like it’s everywhere! That’s why I strive to create a relaxing, calm, and quiet environment for you while you’re unwinding in my chair. 


I’ve been a stylist for almost 2 years and have taken all of the advanced education classes I can get my hands on to learn the most current techniques and trends. I specialize in vivid hair coloring, but am always up for trying your newest inspiration from your Pinterest board! I also love to offer silent appointments so you can take a break from all the noise of life and leave fully rested and recharged.


I strive to not only give my guests hair they absolutely love, but to have you leaving confident and beautiful from the inside out. When I’m not behind the chair, you can find me snuggling my fur babies (husky puppy Sid, and cats Bean & Texas), searching for all the spooky season finds, or binge reading my newest book. 


If you’re ready for vibrant and bold hair with a quiet and relaxing twist, head to our booking page to reserve your next appointment with me!


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