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Attention: Hairstylist and Assistants


At Midtown Hair, we pride ourselves on giving the ultimate customer service for our guest and a thriving career plan for our STAFF.

Are you a skilled hairstylist or assistant because you're focused and passionate about doing great work?

You want to earn good money while you have creative freedom and communicate effectively with clients who expect the best.

You're not just anyone, you understand the value of providing a great experience for your client.

You want to have access to the best facilities and products to achieve awesome results for your clients.

You care about Fashion focused hair. The condition of your client’s hair while providing a relaxing and rejuvenating experience is a strong focus for you.


At Midtown you will have incentives, training, and the roster is flexible with reasonable notice, but we’re looking for someone we can rely on.

If you’ve heard us this far then we want to meet you!