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5 Tips for Healthy Hair Extensions

Selecting the Right Stylist: A Crucial First Step

At Midtown hair we emphasize the importance of choosing a trained stylist for your hair extension desires. The right stylist can make a world of difference and encourage you to ask us questions during your consultation. Our skilled stylist and owner Rebecca is trained in various extension techniques, ensuring a safe and customized experience for every client.

Tailoring Extensions to Your Unique Hair

At Midtown Hair, we specialize in selecting extensions that complement your natural hair without causing stress or damage. Extensions aren’t one-size-fits-all. The type, weight, length, and attachment method must be tailored to your hair type, condition, and lifestyle.

Home Care: Ensuring Extension Longevity

Your extensions need tender, loving care at home. Treat them as you would delicate, highlighted hair, using professional-grade oils available at our salon. Regular moisturizing keeps the extensions and your hair in prime condition, avoiding potential damage.

Proper Brushing and Drying Techniques

Avoiding matting and knotting is key. Gentle brushing with a soft-bristle brush and careful drying are essential. If your goal is adding a lot of thickness or length to your hair wet extensions can be heavy, so a blow drying shortly after washing on low heat

is crucial for maintaining the health of both your extensions and natural hair.

Regular Maintenance and Professional Follow-Ups

Extensions need ongoing care. Regular visits for maintenance and adjustments are vital. We’ll address any concerns during your follow-up visits to ensure the continued health of your hair and extensions.

Embrace the joy of extensions without the worry. By choosing the right stylist, customizing your extensions, and following proper care routines, you can keep your hair healthy and beautiful. Head over to our extensions page to fill out an extension form and start your journey with in York, Pa at Midtown hair company.

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