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Hair Extension Maintenance

Updated: Mar 22

This article is for guests interested in our salon maintained extensions such as tape-ins, keratin bonds, hand tied or hybrid extensions. We also offer temporary glam such as hair toppers and halo hair crowns in which salon maintenance is not required.

Embarking on the journey of hair extensions is not just a one-time transformation; it’s an ongoing commitment to maintaining the health and vibrancy of your tresses. At Midtown Hair Company, we believe in ensuring that your extensions look flawless but also contribute to the overall health of your natural hair. Let’s dive into the details of extension maintenance,  the process, and setting expectations for your regular salon visits.

The Initial Install

After the exhilarating experience of your initial extension install – where your hair is cut, color perfected, and extensions seamlessly integrated – the growth journey begins. As your natural hair grows, you’ll return to the salon every 6 to 8 weeks for maintenance to ensure optimal health.

Six to Eight Weeks of Maintenance

During these maintenance appointments, our focus is on promoting healthy hair growth and addressing any natural shedding that may have occurred. We delicately remove any shed hair to prevent tangling, ensuring a seamless blend with your extensions. Additionally, we refresh the color and adjust the placement of the extensions to accommodate your hair’s growth. If your stylist  used keratin bonds only in your hair you may be eligible to wait 8+ weeks.

Check ups, Full Removal and Reinstallation

After your first install appointment a check up appointment will be scheduled, where we will check in on the health of your hair and make any adjustments if necessary and rebook your next full appointment. A full extensions follow up appointment after your check in involves a full removal of your extensions, a refreshing color application, a fresh haircut to prevent split ends, and a meticulous check to ensure your scalp’s health. After this, your hand-tied extensions or any other chosen extensions are reinstalled, ensuring you leave with a rejuvenated look.

Adjustments and Final Touches

Throughout the maintenance process, we pay attention to the smallest details. If any adjustments are needed, whether it’s in the placement of the extensions or other aspects of the style, we make sure to address them during these scheduled appointments. Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities.

Your Hair Journey Starts Here

Extension maintenance at Midtown hair company is not just about keeping your extensions looking flawless; it’s a holistic approach to hair health and well-being. With regular check-ins every 6 to 8 weeks, our skilled stylists ensure that your extensions seamlessly integrate with your natural hair, leaving you with a consistently stunning and healthy mane. Book your maintenance appointment today to keep your hair journey on track!

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